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Business Development Academy Benefits

Best practice advice and learning on your desktop when you want it

The Business Development Academy has been designed by The Results Consultancy as both a structured learning system and a ‘just in time’ business development resource for professional services firms.

It can be tailored to look like your own branded or intranet site if you like, but for ease of use it simply sits on our server. Or alternatively you can subscribe to the resources as a firm by buying licences to use the Business Development Academy.

What does it do?

At its core are more than 40 short 15-30 minute online learning modules focused on the four critical areas for business development success.

  • Networking
  • Winning New Business
  • Pitching for Work
  • Developing Profitable Relationships

The Business Development Academy features a huge bank of practical hints and tips, templates, videos, podcasts and advice on a range of client relationship and business development situations in which your professionals will find themselves. New topics are added on a monthly basis.

Why should we consider it?

Online Business Development Academy

  • It’s a fresh and engaging approach to winning work and client development using practical advice from recognised professional service BD specialists.
  • Your professionals can use it either as ‘just in time’ support or as a more formal learning resource which can be linked into an individual’s Performance Review and personal development process.


The benefits of using it as a learning tool

  • Professionals can complete the modules in their own time
  • Their appraiser can prioritise those that are most relevant to the fee earner
  • Professionals can download short podcasts to listen to at a convenient time for them eg when travelling
  • Their learning activity can be monitored and reports produced at the touch of a button


The benefits of the Academy as a ‘just in time’ tool

The ability to download tools that will speed the thinking process and ensure current ‘best practice’ actions in relation to client and contact development

Ideal for use as a ‘refesher’ before a meeting, a pitch, a networking event or any one of more than 40 BD situations covered by the Academy

A support for busy fee earners who can’t always get access to senior level BD team advice when they need it


Keeping Business Development ‘front of mind’ with regular updates and fresh thinking

Business Development Academy clients can choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly campaigns that can be monitored and followed up. These campaigns feature focussed bite-sized themes that are proven to have significant return on investment (ROI) in terms of revenue generation. Benefits for the Business Development Team too

Business Development teams tell us that they see six key benefits of the Business Development Academy for them:

  1. Access to all ‘best practice’ tools for tailoring and use with teams
  2. The ability to coach and support senior professionals with ‘ready to use’ materials
  3. Save themselves precious time in designing materials to support fee earners
  4. Automatic monitoring, for management purposes, an individual professional’s progress on Academy modules.
  5. Access to our monthly updates and the option to add modules to meet specific needs of their professionals.
  6. BD Academy campaigns designed to build skills and generate activity and revenues can be run without undue time or administrative involvement from the BD team, allowing team members to concentrate on other added value activities.

Who’s behind it all?

The Results Consultancy team in conjunction with IT partner ZUT Media. Formed seven years ago by former PricewaterhouseCoopers Business Development Director, John Timperley, The Results Consultancy specialises in helping firms in the legal, accounting, consulting, financial services and real estate sectors to win high value business. All of the creators of the materials have held senior and leadership roles in firms. They have worked all over the world for clients and have, between them, written four books on business development related topics.

What’s the detail of the content?

The highlights

More than 40 short 15-30 minute modules
Over 20 podcasts
25 BD related videos focusing on good practice behaviours
20 typical business development scenarios
More than 50 downloadable tools, templates and advice sheets

Interested in finding out more?

Visit The Results Consultancy’s website www.winningbusiness.net or talk to Chris Holmes T: 44 (0) 1744 616144 or John Timperley T: 44 (0) 844 8265612