How do you win more high value business? We help clients with high value work through hands-on support and business development training and coaching for individuals and teams

Example Online Business Development Modules

You can take a look at a sample Business Development Modules lessons by clicking on the ‘Making the right impression in a business development meeting’ example and you’ll be taken through the module’s various stages. The lesson will give you advice on how to perform better when you are in a similar situation, and some do’s and don’ts from those who already perform successfully in this area.

Our Online Modules will help you think about what you will do in a number of real business situations. They will help you to apply the tips provided on a day-to-day basis with your contacts.

Try out our Making the right impression in a business development meeting module.

Sample Modules


  • Turning a social relationship into a business one (30 mins)
  • Warming up an old contact (30 mins)
  • Networking at an event (30 mins)
  • Following up from a networking event (30 mins)
  • Creating your elevator pitch (30 mins)
  • Working the room hints and tips (30 mins)
  • Time effective ways to network internally (30 mins)
  • Questions to really engage your contact (30 mins)
  • Ways you can raise your personal and professional profile (30 mins)


Winning New Business

  • Some thoughts on targeting new business (30 mins)
  • Ways to get in front of target clients (20 mins)
  • Gaining a potential client's commitment (30 mins)
  • What's your target client thinking? (30 mins)
  • Phoning to arrange a meeting (30 mins)
  • Managing the informal business development discussion (30 mins)
  • What’s your proposition? (15 mins)
  • Ways to prioritise your business development actions (20 mins)
  • Engaging profitably with intermediaries and work referrers (30 mins)
  • Tips for getting into the boardroom (30 mins)
  • Making the right impression in a business development meeting (30 mins)
  • Putting together a practical business development campaign (30 mins)
  • Advanced thought leadership (30 mins)
  • Working effectively with partners on business development (30 mins)


Pitching for work

  • Writing winning pitch proposals (30 mins)
  • Conducting a post pitch review with the client (30 mins)
  • Delivering the final messages in a pitch presentation (30 mins)
  • The secrets of successful pitch presentations (15 mins)
  • Some common mistakes pitch teams make (15 mins)
  • A scoping meeting (30 mins)
  • A scoping telephone call (30 mins)
  • How professionals win work in competitive situations? (15 mins)


Developing Profitable Relationships

  • Maintaining contact in between deals and pieces of work (30 mins)
  • Tips for creating a practical client plan (30 mins)
  • How do you add value to your contacts (15 mins)
  • Ways to make your contacts look good in their organisation (15 mins)
  • Conducting a post project review with client (30 mins)
  • Developing client relationships (30 mins)
  • Creating a cross-selling plan (30 mins)
  • Key client management ‘best practice’ (30 mins)

screenshot of a real live scenario video

Real life scenario video