• Introduction

    Without a deal or instruction on the go, many professionals say it is difficult to keep in touch with their contacts. With numerous clients to keep happy, months can often slip by in silence.

    You’ve probably heard the often-quoted statistic that it costs seven times as much to win work from a new client as it does from an existing one. The same principle probably holds true with your contacts - people give work to others they know, like and trust... and who are at the front of their mind when such an opportunity arises.

    It makes excellent business sense then, to make sure that you re-connect with those contacts you have lost touch with. But how can you get back in touch? And how should you do it without appearing pushy? This module will help you re-connect with one of your contacts.

    Managing your time...

    30 mins - Time to read the advice and resources
    15 mins - Time to complete the download exercises

  • Step 1 - Read our success tips for getting back in contact

  • Step 2 - Warming up an old contact video

  • Step 3 - Lessons to learn

  • Step 4 - Action points to take away